Unlocking the Power of Biochar in Regenerative Agriculture and Ecoengineering for Ukraine´s Green Recovery

Date: May 2-3, 2024 | Location: Ukraine, Kyiv, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences

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The Biochar for the Green Recovery of Ukraine conference aims to disseminate reliable data and experiences throughout the biochar value chain. Our goal is to initiate projects that contribute to regenerative agriculture practices in Ukraine, providing tangible solutions for post-war recovery. The conference seeks to explore diverse applications of biochar beyond soil enhancement in agriculture, serving as a bridge between regenerative agriculture and sectors like closed-loop eco-sanitation and sustainable building.

Through a cross-disciplinary approach, the conference connects scientific knowledge and international experiences with practical, local implementation.


About Biochar

Biochar is an en vogue topic these days. Sometimes it is hyped and almost promoted as a magical pill to restore soils and mitigate climate change through carbon sequestration. However, science on this topic is still in the making, and challenges arise during practical implementation. Despite this, there is undeniable economic and ecological potential in biochar production, and experts agree that it can play a vital role in sustainable land management practices.

Conference Agenda

The topic of biochar will bring together participants from Ukraine and abroad for an interdisciplinary discussion of the possibilities of its application to increase resilience of the ecosystems, reduce soil degradation and promote sustainable development. The following topics will be considered:

  • Polluted soil reclamation in war-affected territories;
  • Agricultural use of biochar (improvement of soil condition, increase of productivity, animal feeding);
  • Carbon sequestration and climate strategies;
  • Application in forestry;
  • Sewage and drinking water treatment;
  • Use for energy supply/production;
  • Waste management in settlements;
  • Arts and crafts as a universal language to raise awareness of the benefits of biochar.

In addition, the conference will include a practical workshop on the production and use of biochar and an interactive art event using biochar.

Day-wise schedule of events, including keynote speeches, panel discussions, and the practical workshop will be made available shortly.

Do you want to know more about the Conference Agenda? Please feel free to download it here, both in English and Ukrainian versions. 


Target group

Participants will include agricultural experts, farmers, scientists, ecologists, engineers, and eco-activists, educators, representatives of territorial communities, authorities, and others who are interested in biochar and the ecological, social and economic regeneration of society



The conference will adopt a hybrid offline/online format, allowing international participation despite the war situation.

The National University for Life and Environmental Sciences in Kyiv will host the physical conference. It offers excellent facilities for conference sessions and a practical workshop at the University’s educational woodland and orchard plots. These areas provide the raw materials for biochar making and serve as spaces to run the biochar-making process. University students will have the opportunity to participate in both the conference and workshop, gaining skills and knowledge for future use.

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